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Sometimes, you wake up in a good mood, feeling like you can do everything you want and it lasts all day until the next day. Other times you wake up in a good mood, but something or someone makes you regretting from getting out of bed and it lasts several days. And sometimes, you wake up in a bad mood and it stays like that, no matter how hard you try to feel better.

Today, it started good, and ended good. Today was one of the rare days when I felt great, and worthy, and loved. I didn't feel as lonely as usual, I just felt good despite how cold it was outside. Everything was possible, I could find somebody to love, something to do with my life, and someway to act around others. It's not that easy : I usually have to adapt my way of being to the people in front of me. Do I play it nice ? Should I show that I care ? Should I even care ?
Today, I didn't have to think about that, I spent the day with my mother, and we didn't fight. We just shared a nice time around a coffee and my favorite pastry, le choux à la crème.

I wish those days would last for ever.
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